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1 09 2010
Dai Le


Love this website! Great concept, and maps come in handy. There seems to be a concentration of data in the brunswick area and i’m looking to expand this into preston/northcote/thornbury. Any advice? Cheers, Thanks! Am looking forward to your reply.

10 09 2010

Yeah most of the markings in Brunswick were done by myself as I live in the area. Would be great to see more trees in that area. Just carry a pen and paper around with you and be sure to note the addresses of trees so you can mark them down on the google map later.

23 12 2012

I have a plum tree in my front yard – they are ripening now (dec23rd) and there are just far too many for me to handle You are welcome to help yourselves (as the birds do) – you may need a ladder. Phone me for address details – 0414 353 396

23 12 2012

Should’ve mentioned – Thornbury area

15 10 2010

Added some Northcote Plums, from when i used to live near there.

Have moved further north, and have some looking to do.

10 03 2011
David Robinson

I am trying to add a large Pear Tree in a street in Albert Park. I get to the point where I am about to click on the Google Map to say where it is but the Google Map keeps moving upwards. How do I get it to stay still while I click the location of the tree?

8 05 2011
Jo Jackson

Hi are there plans for other cities? Is there one for the Gold Coast?

10 05 2011

I restricted this one to Melbourne initially because I didnt want too much data on the maps which would take ages to load. However it looks like people have used this website to plot trees in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney so your welcome to plot some for the gold coast. Cant figure out how to change the URL so it is called feralfruitaustralia instead of Melbourne. All the best- Axel

8 05 2011

There are 3 Lilly Pilly trees outside the entrance to Hawthorn station (3122) on Evansdale Road, that are fruiting now, in fact I am in the process of making jelly from the berries I picked today! Are people interested in knowing about native produce do you think? If so, could you please add them to your map.

10 05 2011
Victoria Heywood

A cracking idea for a website. I have loquat trees on the nature strip outside my house, also huge peach and apricot trees that overhang my back fence. Will add these into the map so fellow foragers can help themselves. Assuming they can beat the fruitbats and ringtails.
My mother (age 82) harvests quinces and mulberries and all sorts of other goodies from public trees in the Nunawading/Mitcham area. I’ll get her to add these into the map as well.

16 05 2011

I would like to start one of these for Adelaide…can you tell an Untech the best place for instructions. I currently put my fruit on Freecycle but this is better…maybe need to add approx ripening times..

28 07 2011

hi, i have fruit trees to map in the port phillip area (quite a lot) but can’t figure out the instructions to use this site. Do I need to have an email account with google to start up and plot a fruit tree map? instructions also say to click ‘edit’ in the top left hand corner..? is this while in google maps..? Im lost!

7 08 2011

yep you need a gmail account before you can edit maps, the edit button is while in the google map window.

3 08 2011

BRILLIANT idea! Can I put a post on my blog?

29 12 2011
Sam Difference

I just tried to add two more trees (Fig and Apricot) to East St Kilda.
I was logged in to Gmail, followed the instructions, added the markers and saved, and they’re not there! What am I doing wrong?

1 02 2012
Steve B

Great work – but can I suggesta name change to Feral Fruit Trees Victoria since people are already adding trees from other places like Clunes and Ballarat?

26 02 2012
Dan Collins

We live in Britain and I’m hoping there is an equivalent over here. Good on you Juliette

26 03 2012

Love the site 🙂 Have been adding tree markers for the eastern burbs.
Thought you might be interested in this article

21 12 2012

We would be happy for people to help themselves to apricots at 27 centennial ave, including from within the property – but please knock and introduce yourself before so doing.

13 01 2013
Alex Hughes

It’s actually a common misconception that fruit hanging over the fence is public property, it’s not. We are trying to be as sustainable as possible, growing fruit to eat and preserve. Imagine our dismay to find our peaches that we’ve been lovingly tending on our tree totally stripped anywhere within reach (including over the fence into our property). This is so not cool! I fully agree that fruit which is going to waste should be used by the community, if the owners don’t want it or can’t use all of it but please make sure you ask first. Just a little courtesy…

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