Fruit tree map

How to plot fruit trees in your area:

Having a street directory is useful to accurately plot the trees in your area, but all you really need is a pen and paper. Google Maps will allow you to zoom in until you see the shape of private blocks with the street numbers, as well as small alleyways that aren’t always shown on other maps. All you need to do is write down the address of the fruit tree e.g. “Outside of house, 72 Blyth St”, and then you can add the location of the tree on Google Maps later.

Adding a feral fruit tree to the map is easy. Here are the basic steps:

  1. View Feral Fruit Trees in a larger map.
  2. Sign in to your Google account if you haven’t already.
  3. Click Edit in the top left hand corner
  4.  Zoom into the area you want to plot.
  5.   Use the icons in the top left corner of the map. These include:
    Select button Selection tool. Use this to drag the map and select placemarks..
    Placemark button Placemark tool. Use this to plot fruit trees.

This will edit the map, and let you plot the new trees you have added for everyone to view.

-Also remember to add the name of the tree (pomegranate, apple etc.) plus any descriptive features which may aid in finding the tree, for example “in front of house number 36, hanging over fence”, “to the right of the church etc”

Alternatively you can send the address plus any descriptive features of where the tree is located via email, and we’ll plot them for you.

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26 03 2010
Well, there’s no particular reason that all that fruit should fall and rot on the footpath… « An Onymous Lefty

[…] google map is here, and, if your area isn’t particularly well annotated at this time, it seems like it would be […]

18 07 2010

What an awesome thing to do, and website 🙂

Is there a way I could get something similar for places I live or visit?

Permie love,

21 12 2010

this is great! we tried to do something like this in one of my studios at uni. Ill try and find what we found. But I remember a pear tree growing in the nature strip around the southern cross hotel.

12 04 2011

This is a truly great idea, seems similar public fruit mappings are afoot in other countries too. Great!

7 05 2011

Feijoa overhanging 24 Derna St, on corner of Mulberry Pde

3 06 2011
not far from the tree » Blog Archive » Random Hacks of Kindness

[…] out a call to develop a map for fruit trees on public land in Toronto, similar to this or this or this or even this. Already there has been an incredible response! A team of hackers will be working all […]

3 07 2011

I don’t understadn the instructions. How do I add a tree? Or do I have to start a new map?

19 10 2012

This is probably a very late reply for geoff, but for everyone else, just as easy as:
1. clicking the “View Larger Map” on the left bottom corner of the google maps
2. sign in to your google account
3. edit the map
4. add the location of your fruit tree

17 11 2012
Abby Levin

It took me a while to work out…to get to the larger map, click on the ‘larger map’ label in tiny writing at the bottom left hand corner of the ‘normal’ map, and follow rest of instructions above.

15 08 2011

Fantastic idea! Well done!
A food swap is starting in Dromana at Heronswood on 6 Oct 3-4pm. Will be 1st Tues of the month. Come along and bring your excess or street produce to swap!

18 01 2012
bench onlineshop

An idle brain is the devil’s workshop. bench fleecejacken bench jacke gelb

26 02 2012
Taariq Hassan

I am pigging out on Ripe figs that grow in the streets around Heidelberg.

26 02 2012
Rachel Gay

Westies, let’s glean!

2 05 2012
Urban Foraging – Fruit Trees

[…] Feral Fruit Trees Neighborhood Fruit Otautahi.Urban.Foraging […]

9 05 2012

Does anyone know of any elderberry bushes growing in the area? Living in South Yarra, desperate to make cordial or jam!

23 06 2012
Chris Blackwell

Love the whole idea by the way! How do I find fruit trees in my area please. East Malvern! Or nearby suburbs like Glen Iris, Carnegie, Malvern etc? Is this on the site. It seemed a bit unclear.Also if anyone knows about fruit/and or veg swap meets with stuff from peoples gardens (not sure if that’s what they are called) would love to know. Thanks 🙂

19 10 2012

It’s such a great idea to have the google maps. Easier to find for everyone.

It is worth noting that this map not only contain fruit trees in Melbourne but also elsewhere in Australia. All you need to do is zoom out to see the whole country. Then zoom in to your city or state. I’m hoping this would energise people from other states to add to the map.

23 12 2012

I have a plum tree in my front yard – there are just far too many for me. You are welcome to help yourselves (as the birds do!). they are ripening now – you may need a ladder. They are great for jam. Phone me for address details – 0414 353 396. Thornbury area.

1 02 2013

We need to have this in Geelong!

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