Fruit tree map

20 02 2010



How to plot fruit trees in your area:

Having a street directory is useful to accurately plot down the trees in your area but all you really need is a pen and paper. Google maps will allow you to zoom in until you see the shape of private blocks with the street numbers as well as small alleyways that aren’t always shown on other maps. So all you need to do is write down the address of the fruit tree i.e. Outside of house 72 Blyth St and then you can simply find the house and tree on Google maps later.

Using google maps you can easily plot down the fruit trees in your area.

Creating a feral fruit tree map is easy. Here are the basic steps:

  1. View Feral fruit trees Melbourne in a larger map.
  2. Sign in to your google account if you haven’t already.
  3. Click Edit in the top left hand corner
  4.  Zoom into the area you want to plot.
  5.   Use the icons in the top left corner of the map. These include:
    Select button Selection tool. Use this to drag the map and select placemarks..
    Placemark button Placemark tool. Use this to plot fruit trees.

This will edit the overall map of fruit trees in Melbourne and plot the new trees you have added for everyone to view.

*Remember to add the name of the tree ie. (pomegranate, apple etc) plus any descriptive features which may aid in finding the tree, for example ‘in front of house number 36, hanging over fence, in front of church etc’

*Feral Fruit Trees map has been unavailable due to changes in Google’s system. We’ve added another fruit tree map here for your use in the same way.




11 responses

20 02 2010

Cool idea, Nice work!

24 02 2010
Marco Buonaiuto

You can’t get fruit fresher than this. Straight from the tree and even better… it’s FREE.

– Marco… fruit enthusiast.

21 04 2010

Awesome! This is great. I live in St Kilda, i’ll add anything around here that I see.

8 05 2010

Well done guys. I’ve been meaning to do this myself so I remember where they all are next year. I’ve got a small child and I’ve been roaming the Brunswick streets putting him to sleep and finding lots of fruit. Brilliant!!

8 05 2010

great site ! keep it up …. fruit picking brings back childhood memories!

8 05 2011

great idea,, was thinking something similar but for a phone app… just need mate to build it 🙂

Would be great if we could automate this, so there is one map to rule them all ..

Keep it up 🙂 (oh would be cool to if you put a share button or somethig on this site so everyone could share it out to the greater social network 🙂

10 05 2011

someone mentioned a phone app, sounds like a great idea. Will try to figure out how to put a share button on the page, do you know how to do it? There is a feral fruit Melbourne facebook page already if you want to check that out.


15 08 2011
Helene Para

Hi, great idea. There is guava trees growing in the ocean at Bonbeach on your map. Doesn’t sound right. Anyway, do people want herbs and other edible wild fruits? Edible weeds?

11 11 2011
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excellent post very imformative, Just what i was looking for this was the exact request’s one of my readers asked me to find i will definitely be recommending this to them

7 12 2011
When To Move A Tree

Great stuff, awww the fresh tast from right off the tree!

20 12 2011
Meg Dunley

Brilliant! I am going to go out looking & then plotting for the Kensington area. How exciting! Thank you so much.

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